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Join us in celebrating a decade-long journey of life-changing habit transformation by cashing in on our biggest sale ever:

Ten years ago, 

we embarked on a mission to change people’s lives

Our journey began with a vision to help people replace their harmful habits with healthy ones and reclaim control of their lives. From our humble beginnings in Boston to making waves on Shark Tank to becoming a global leader in behavioral change technology, we’re honored to celebrate this special milestone with you.

Ten years later,

we celebrate the personal growth of more than 250,000 users worldwide.

For a decade, Pavlok has been more than just a product; it's been a catalyst for thousands of people as passionate about improving their lives as we are. Today, we celebrate not just our journey, but the collective growth of the people we've inspired, and the positive changes Pavlok has helped instill in them.

Start the day with a jolt of energy

Pavlok 3

body & strap

Battery 7+ days


3 Programmable Buttons

Metallic or silicone

Sleep Features


Sleep Tracking

Wakeup Score

Habits Tracking

Positive Habit Tracking

Negative Habit Tracking

Step Tracking

Custom Habits


Electric Zaps




Pavlok Workflows

Apple Shortcuts




Friends Profiles

Community Challenges

Pavlok Unlocked

Wake up on time, the first time – every time!

Shock Clock 3

Shock Clock is no ordinary alarm clock. Not only can it zap you awake, it also tracks your sleep pattern and wakes you up at the perfect time, so you’re on your feet feeling refreshed and ready to go. And it does its job in stealth mode without disturbing anyone else. Everyone benefits – you wake up feeling bright-eyed while they enjoy their beauty sleep.

Locking mechanism stops you from removing the device in your sleep

The removable lock strap prevents you from accidentally removing it overnight, ensuring that it stays in place to wake you up in the morning.

Give someone you trust control of the zap while you nap

Perfect for professionals on-call or shift workers on standby, our most popular feature assures you’ll never miss another alarm again in your life.

What do our customers say?

Brandon Sadow

November 16, 2021

“Crazy good product”

This product is actually insane. I wasn't imagining a 200 dollar human shock collar to work like an alarm when bought it but oh boy was I wrong...


April 28, 2022

“Great for retaining You to be who you want to be”

Okay, this device is different. It takes about 5 minutes to get the hang of, but once you've got it and set it for your habits or activities...

R. Duzan

January 15, 2023

“The BEST ADHD tool”

I've been using this thing for a few months now, and I am so thankful for it. My version of ADHD comes with time-blindness; in other words, I can't feel time passing. Five minutes feels like 30 to me...


January 19, 2022

“Works!! App works great for iPhone, awesome product!”

It does what it promised!! I read some of the negative reviews and wondered why it got such low...


August 2, 2022

“Great for stopping fingernail biting”

The hand detection is the most useful feature. It really has helped reduce my fingernail biting. The zap does the job of being mindful...

Luna Rose

August 6, 2022

“Best alarm clock I've ever had or worn”

Best alarm I've ever had, it totally does more and I've been using it to curb my snacking habit too, but by far it's the best "alarm clock" I've...

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Pavlok 3 Deluxe 

Obsidian Black

Size guide

Full price: $220

Pavlok 3 Deluxe 

Aegean Silver

Size guide

Full price: $220

Pavlok 3 Deluxe 

Rose Gold

Size guide

Full price: $220

Pavlok 3 Sports


Full price: $200

Pavlok 3 Sports


Full price: $200

Shock Clock 3

Full price: $150

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