Pavlok & Shock Clock 2 Clearance

Once Gone, They’re Gone!

We’ve brewed up a devilishly good deal for you this Halloween on two Pavlok favorites: 40% OFF Pavlok 2 and Shock Clock 2 – an offer so good, it's scary!

But when the clock strikes midnight on Oct 31, this deal will turn into a ghost and both devices will vanish forever.

Simply enter code HALLOWEEN23 during checkout!


Exorcise Your Bad Habits with 40% OFF Pavlok 2

Scare away the bad habits that haunt you with the ultimate behavior change device. Whether it's overindulging on junk food or procrastinating like a zombie, 40% off the Pavlok 2 is a sweet treat for your mind, body, and wallet! Just enter code HALLOWEEN23 during checkout!


Uses real-time haptic feedback to break bad habits


Tailors habit training to your needs


Tracks habits and progress seamlessly


Pairs and syncs with the Pavlok app



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Wake Up From the Dead with 40% OFF Shock Clock 2

Shock Clock 2 is your alarm clock's worst nightmare, designed to get you out of bed with big vampire energy and prevent you from succumbing to the spell of the snooze button. Shock away those “morning zombie” vibes with a fang-tastic 40% off - just enter code HALLOWEEN23 during checkout!


Wake up with chimes, vibrations, or an electric zap


Activates morning brain with gamified alarms


Monitors your sleep cycle and habits


5+ days of battery life



Treat Yourself to These Deals Before They Vanish Into the Night

Don't miss this final opportunity to make the Pavlok 2 and Shock Clock 2 a part of your daily regimen. Order today and save 40% with code HALLOWEEN23 because once gone – they’re gone!

Pavlok 2



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Shock Clock 2



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Hocus-Pocus, Bad Habits Be Gone!

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