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Here's how to wake up on time.

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Think oversleeping and being late for your new job isn’t a big deal?

Tell that to the gentleman who shared this story:

“My first day on my very first job, I overslept and ran there, arriving about 20 minutes late. I was fired on the spot.”

Getting a new job is a major accomplishment (especially these days).

You discovered a great company, rocked the interview process, and got the offer.

Now you’re ready to start.

But keep this in mind: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

What you do on your first day sets the tone for the rest of your time at that employer.

Do a fantastic job and people will remember.

Make a fool of yourself and people will remember that too.

One of the worst things you can do is oversleep and show up late.

At best, people will judge you as unprofessional and unreliable.

At worst, you instantly lose that new job you worked so hard to get.

You know you need to be on time, so how do you prevent oversleeping?

You could set an alarm on your phone, or get an alarm clock, but if you’re a heavy sleeper those solutions aren’t reliable enough for you.

You could arrange to have a friend or family member call and wake you up, but what if they forget? Or what if they oversleep also?

You need something more dependable.

An alarm you can’t ignore.

Your livelihood is at stake.

You need a foolproof -- and failproof -- solution that makes SURE you wake up on time.

The problem is -- you've tried it before. But somehow, you just never wake up to your alarm.

But what if there were a perfect solution that could make SURE you wake up on time, no matter what?

What if this solution could make sure you don't just wake up -- but you actually get up and out of bed?

What would this solution mean to you?

It might mean you could be not just on time, but early.

It might mean you could make an extremely positive impression -- leading to raises, promotions, and who knows- -- maybe even an executive position!

It might even mean you could spend your morning enjoying breakfast, spending time with your loved ones, or even exercising or meditating!

If only there were a solution like that. But that doesn't exist, right?

It does now.

Introducing: The Shock Clock 2

The Shock Clock 2 isn’t like other alarm clocks you’ve tried. Other alarms rely on annoying you until you give up and get out of bed – awake — but in a terrible mood because of your annoying alarm.

That is NOT how you want to start your day.

Often, a simple touch can work much better than the sound of an alarm.

The Shock Clock is the first device that uses effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up and keep you alert.

As Seen In

How Does It Wake Me Up?

The Shock Clock 2 uses three sensory stimuli to ensure you wake up.

Along with the Shock Clock 2 hardware we provide an easy-to-use, intuitive app – the Alarm Clock app. It's simple to get started: one alarm, choose your stimulus, and press save.

Shock Clock 2 also has Snooze Lock, a feature that disables your ability to snooze the alarm and makes you do jumping jacks to shut it off... Sounds funny, but holy @#$% is it effective!

This isn’t just some crazy idea – we’ve had thousands of Pavlok users use the original Shock Clock to wake up quickly and feel alert every morning, and their stories are inspirational to hear.

Here is what just a few Shock Clock users had to say about the basic alarm feature:

Check Out the New Features We've Built

Snooze Lock: The original Shock Clock introduced the Snooze Lock, the ability to lock the snooze and keep your alarm running until you get out of bed and do jumping jacks. Our advanced motion tracking forces you to get on your feet and get your body moving. Imagine waking up alert and ready for your day by doing 10-15 jumping jacks in order to shut-off your alarm. It might sound crazy, but man is it effective!

Advanced Snooze Lock: Shock Clock 2 uses motion tracking to know when you’re out of bed and won’t let you cheat. Advanced Jumping Jack shut-off, along with new features like QR code scanner that will make you get out of bed and leave the room to go scan a QR/UPC code in order to shut off the alarm.

Sleep Cycle Analysis: Shock Clock 2 has automatic sleep tracking using advanced motion detection from a 3-axis accelerometer so you can track your sleep and learn what patterns and habits you can develop to get the best night’s sleep possible!

It can even wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep.

Morning Routine: Shock Clock 2 comes with a built in Morning Routine schedule so you can set the tasks that are most important for your day and make sure you get them done first thing. If you don’t do your routine, watch out, a zap is coming!

Evening Routine: One of the main requests we get from Pavlok and Shock Clock users is help getting to sleep at night. Shock Clock 2 features an evening routine reminder that will alert you when it is time to start getting ready for bed and provide you with a checklist of items you choose to prepare for your best night’s sleep.

What Do I Get With the Shock Clock 2?

The Shock Clock comes boxed with the Shock Clock module, a black silicone wristband, and a charging cable.

How Do I Use the Shock Clock 2?

The wristband and module of the Shock Clock 2 are meant to be worn to bed at night. You set the alarm from the app (available in Android and iOS) and choose how you want to be woken up.

There are four types of wake up options:

1. Beep
2. Vibrate
3. Zap (mild electric stimulus)
4. Or a combination of all three

When the alarm goes off, the Shock Clock will alert you to wake up using the stimulus you selected. We recommend starting with a beep or vibration to wake up, with a Zap if you don’t get up with the beep or vibrate.

How Do I Turn Off the Alarm?

With Snooze Lock off, You can snooze/turn off the alarm from within the app, or you can short press (snooze) or long press (disable alarm) on the lighting bolt of the Shock Clock module.

With Snooze Lock on, the device will require that you do jumping jacks, or scan a QR/UPC code in a different room. If you try to go back to sleep? Well…ZAP.

What IS Waking Up On Time Worth To You?

Imagine the change in your life if you managed to wake up on time.

What could you do with an extra half hour, hour, or more — every day?

  • Maybe you could get fit. (Health is everything)
  • Maybe you could read a book, every week. (Knowledge is power)
  • Maybe you could even start a new business. (Money is freedom)

    So, what is it worth to you to change that habit, once and for all?

    Over the rest of your life, is it worth $1,000?

    Is it worth $10,000?

    I’d estimate it’s worth more than $100,000.

    But our mission isn’t to make as much money as possible.

    Our mission is to help you wake up on time.

    In the past, we sold this product for $299.

    Right now, the official price is $199. But for you, we have a special offer.

    If you order right now, from the link below… You’ll get the biggest discount we offer — today, Just click the button below.
  • That’s right. You can change your whole life—for barely more than your cell phone bill costs in a month or two.

    No Risk, Only Results
    The 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Return your device any time for any reason within the first 180 days. Just message our team.

    An Unbeatable 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Even better — we’re going to offer you a 180-day money back guarantee. That’s right. Six months to try the product out, and make sure it’s right for you.

    What if you’re one of the thousands of our users who uses the product, changes the habit, and doesn’t need the device anymore to wake up?

    You can send it back for a full refund, any time in the first six months.

    And on top of that, we have a 1-year warranty. If the product breaks for any reason — even if it’s your fault — just send back the unit within one year of purchase for a replacement.

    Order Shock Clock 2 Now

    Shock Clock 2 is the only wearable device designed to help you wake up on time with custom alarm settings to match your unique sleep patterns.

    And it does all this without even needing a watch face.

    That’s right, the “world’s greatest alarm clock” isn’t even a clock at all -- it’s just a simple wristband that looks like a fitness bracelet, but packs in a hell of a lot more functionality.

    It's totally safe, science-backed,
    and the battery lasts for up to seven days-- so you’ll be able to rely on it in any scenario, even if you forget to charge it.

    It’s a one of a kind device, trusted by countless individuals around the world -- and with Pavlok's 180-day money-back guarantee, you can try it for up to half a year before deciding whether it’s right for you. Seriously. Send it back for any reason, and you’ll get your money back -- guaranteed.

    Give it a try, and trust me: pretty soon you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

    "Shock Clock is one of the most essential parts of my daily life. […]

    As a result of Shock Clock, I’ve gone from being a scrub to waking up at 7:20am every single day without fail. So yeah, it’s powerful.”

    -Louis Weisz

    1 - 2 - 3: Three Steps to Change Your Life


    Order the  Shock Clock 2 and Wristband

    All Pavlok products have a 180-day money-back guarantee. You’ve got six months to use the product and make sure it’s right for you. No Risk!

    Order Shock Clock 2 Now


    Pair the Device with Your Pavlok App

    Go into the My Pavlok Remote section and pair your wristband. Once paired you can set up the intensity of your zap. Then go set your alarm time and select your alarm mode.


    Adjust Settings to Your Desired Comfort

    Don’t let the name “shock clock” fool you. The device emits a series of harmless “zaps,” and you can set the intensity and type during configuration.

    Choose between:

    “Vibration Only” – Gently vibrating your wrist awake at your chosen time.
    “Vibrate then zap” – Gently vibrate you awake. If you don’t get up in one minute you’ll be “zapped” (ironically, this ends up having infrequently)
    “Zap only” – Get zapped immediately when you wake.

    More advanced options available.

    That’s it! Wear your wristband to sleep, and you will start waking up at your desired time. Most people don’t actually get “zapped” because their brains train themselves to avoid them by waking up earlier.

    More Shock Clock 2 Success Stories

    I tried a lot of things to form new habits and break old habits. When I got Pavlok, I was really impressed with the quality.

    I started using the little alarm system that helps to wake you up. After doing that for 30 days I woke up more consistently than I ever have in my life. Love it.

    Dave Rogenmoser

    Founder/CEO of Proof

    I just hit the Pavlok, which will shock me […] First, that will help wake me up for one and Second, it creates a negative association with hitting snooze button. […]

    Instead of hitting the sleep more/ get fired/ waste your life button, I hit the Pavlok.

    Rachman Blake

    Founder of Story Party Stand-Up Comedy

    Change Your Habits, Change Your Life