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Order The Shock Clock + Wristband Production Unit - The Shocking Alarm Clock - Never Hit Snooze Again Order The Shock Clock + Wristband Production Unit - The Shocking Alarm Clock - Never Hit Snooze Again Order The Shock Clock + Wristband Production Unit - The Shocking Alarm Clock - Never Hit Snooze Again Order The Shock Clock + Wristband

$ 129.97

$ 129.99

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Meet the Shock Clock


Never sleep through an alarm or wake up groggy again. 

Can you think of a more certain way of making sure you wake up on time than knowing an electric zap is coming if you don't get out of bed right away?

Yeah, neither could we. Which is why we’ve taken everything we learned from building Pavlok and created a brand new way to kick your butt out of bed when it is time to wake up. It’s as effective as a bucket of water to the face, but without all the mess.

What would you do with an extra hour a day?

The fact is, our mornings are our most productive hours of our day. As shown by multiple studies, willpower is highest in the morning; throughout the day, we drain our willpower through "decision fatigue".

If we took advantage of the extra hour or two in the morning, you could:

  • Do a full workout
  • Cook a healthy breakfast
  • Journal for half an hour
  • Practice a language or study something new
  • Meditate
  • Floss

....all in just about an hour.

BUT INSTEAD, we waste our morning groggy, hitting the snooze button repeatedly until we finally HAVE to get up or we'll get in trouble....and even then we're sometimes still late, stressed and tired. It's the WORST way to start the day. But it doesn't have to be that way.

An alarm that shocks you awake?

Not quite. The device is more than an alarm. Most alarms just remind you to wake up. The Shocking alarm clock actually trains you to wake up.

How does it work? 

  1. Order the Shocking alarm clock and download the app for iOS or Android.
  2. Pair the device through the simple app interface, and set your alarm for the time you want to wake up, and choose your Alarm Mode.
  3. Sleep easy! The alarm is saved directly to the hardware, so even if your phone loses connection, the alarm will still be triggered.

Modes and options

  • 'Vibration Only' is a silent alarm clock, gently vibrating your wrist awake at your chosen time.
  • 'Vibrate then zap' will gently vibrate you awake – but make sure you get up quickly! In less then a minute, the Alarm Clock will begin to zap you.
  • 'Zap only' will wake you up with a zap – immediately.
You can optionally enable 'multi-zap' – an option that lets you trigger several zaps to speed up the waking process. You can snooze the device by pressing on the button, or by hitting snooze within the app. You can turn off the alarm by holding down the button on the device, or within the app. 

What features does the Shock Clock have that Pavlok doesn't?

We've included all of the alarm features originally developed for Pavlok, and none of the other features that you don't need. This lets you focus purely on improving your sleep and morning routine – two of the most important things you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle.

With the Shocking Alarm Clock you can:

  • Use any combination of beep, vibration or zap to wake you up in the morning – wake up gently with a vibration or go straight to a zap if you know you're a heavy sleeper.
  • Connect to the Alarm Clock app to set your alarm, the type of feedback you want, and how strong it will be (beep, vibration and zap are all adjustable from 0-100%)
  • Save the alarm to the device – even if you lose connection to your phone, your alarm will still work.
  • Snooze the alarm by pressing the top of the Pavlok... but be careful, that might earn you a zap!


The Shocking Alarm Clock does not have the ability to connect to other Pavlok apps, and there is no manual zap option – we wanted the Shocking Alarm Clock to be only about improving how you start your day. If you're interested in breaking other habits, you can get the full Pavlok (which also includes the alarm features) by CLICKING HERE. The Shocking Alarm Clock is the same design and form factor as the Pavlok wearable, but it only includes access to the Alarm Clock app. Other features are disabled, but you can always upgrade to the full Pavlok experience (just email support and we can explain the process).

Strangely enough, most Shocking Alarm Clock users almost never get shocked...

....because the device TRAINS you to wake up before the shock actually hits!

But the truth is, the brain LEARNS when it's really time to wake up. 

Most Pavlok users set their Pavlok to 'vibrate then zap' Mode. In the morning, Pavlok begins to vibrate to wake up the user.

Guess what? You KNOW a zap is coming. So you wake up – with enough alertness to get up and turn it off. 

But when you get zapped, your brain RAPIDLY learns that vibration means 'zap is coming.' Allow the zap to hit you a few times and you'll wake up, wide awake, as soon as the vibration hits.

Thousands of people are already using it

We originally released the Alarm Clock app as part of the complete Pavlok product. I asked our Facebook group about it.

Adam knows that sometimes it takes some pain to improve oneself – but it's worth it.
And Brian doesn't go a day without it!
By ordering the Shocking Alarm Clock, you'll get to join the OFFICIAL Pavlok User Group and join in on our accountability teams, fitness games, habit changing groups, and more.

Comes with the free Alarm Clock App

Every Shock Clock comes with free access to the Alarm Clock app, your home for habit change. Set your alarms, get reminders of when you should go to bed to get a restful night's sleep, and track sleep data to learn how you can improve your sleep.

Try it for Six Months(!!!) Risk Free

Simply let our support team know within six months, send it back for any reason, and we'll provide a 100% refund on the product price – you only have to pay for shipping.
And of course, enjoy our full 1-year product warranty (if it breaks and its our fault, we'll exchange it for free).

Totally Upgradeable, More Features Coming

We want to finish a few more features to make this product perfect – the ability to set multiple alarms, making it harder to snooze/turn off the alarm without getting up, etc. The Shocking Alarm Clock has a powerful OTA (Over the Air) update system that will allow us to adjust the software on your device, via your mobile phone.

And as always, you don't need your mobile phone once you've set the alarm – the alarm is saved on the device, so it will still work even if your phone loses connection.

** International Shipment Info - please read **

Purchases sent outside the United States may be assessed local taxes, duties, etc. upon arrival. The shipping firm that delivers the package may likewise impose additional brokerage fees or other surcharges as part of the customs and tax process. The recipient is responsible for paying all duties, taxes, fees, and international costs. Please review your countries import laws and fees before placing your order. If a shipment is lost, abandoned or you refuse a shipment due to the local taxes or duties not being paid, Pavlok will not issue you a refund for your order. Orders can be delayed due to verification or time of order being placed. Orders may be delivered in separate shipments.