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Pavlok helps you reduce cravings and break bad habits.

(never smoke, get tempted by food cravings, hit the snooze button, watch TV, sit too long, gamble...ever again)

Pavlok is a wearable device that helps users reduce cravings and break bad habits.

Pavlok utilizes Pavlovian conditioning --- it releases a mild electric stimulus while users do bad habits. It can be triggered automatically (via a smart phone) or manually (by pressing a button).

Simply press the button whenever you are in a tempting situation. I used it last night at a dinner event --- wine was plentiful, but I simply zapped myself 5-10 times while looking at and smelling the wine, and the flavor became acrid. (I later found out it was a $500 bottle of wine I wouldn't be able to enjoy!)

 The Apps

Pavlok's MOST EFFECTIVE use case is manual. When suffering from cravings, when suffering from negative thoughts, when unfocused---just press the button and the electric stimulus will jolt you back into human mode.

BUT we are beginning to release our automation apps.


  • The Alarm Clock app is available now.
  • Pavlok Break Bad Habits app is available now.
  • integration is now live.
  • we're adding features constantly, including multizap (zap more than once in quick succession for ultra habit training power) and more.

Here are two stories from Bulletproof conference attendees!




The Science

Pavlok utilizes Pavlovian aversive conditioning to break bad habits. It's based on a method with years of scientific research. Here are 21 clinical studies on aversion therapy.

Now on Sale for $129 compared to retail price of $199!

But what if it doesn't work?

    All orders are backed by our 180 day (6 months!!!) 100% money back guarantee:
    If you don’t get the results you want.
    If you just want to see how the shock feels.
    If you just want your money back to buy shoes…
    If you cured your habit (and most of you will), and you have no more habits to break...

    We will refund the entire cost of the Pavlok -- no questions asked.

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