Case Study: Naomi Kills Her Hair Pulling Habit

Case Study: Naomi Kills Her Hair Pulling Habit


"Self consciousness is the ultimate wisdom of life.” - Debasish Mridha

Naomi was unconscious about just how much she was pulling her hair until she started to use the Pavlok.

Trichotillomania is a chronic disorder that involves an irresistible urge to pull hair from one’s own body.  The severity of the disorder can vary from manageable to overwhelming, and some may be consciously doing it, while other unconsciously perform the act.  The cause is unclear  but can be a mix of genetic and environmental factors.


A spot from pulling out hair due to trichotillomania. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

For some, trichotillomania can be debilitating.  The damage from excessive hair pulling can cause emotional distress and problems with social functioning.  Sufferers can find themselves avoiding others to hide bald patches or missing eyelashes.

Meet Naomi, who found a way to stop having to wear hats due to pulling out her hair.

Naomi had been pulling her hair out since she was 14, for over 12 years.  It was something that she would not realize she was doing.  She found herself constantly wearing a hat, even when she did not want to, because that was the only way she would be unable to pull her own hair.  It also hid the small bald spots she would see from excessively pulling hair from the same spots.

After mentioning to a friend that she was suffering from trichotillomania, he brought up the Pavlok.  Naomi was not interested at first, but after he brought it up a few times, she decided she had nothing to lose.

Because trichotillomania is a behavior that can be performed even unconsciously, a Pavlok is the perfect device for breaking the habit.  Pavlok uses psychological conditioning to take away the desire to perform the undesirable behavior.  By releasing an electrical stimulus every time the undesired behavior is performed, the Pavlok conditions the brain away from the bad habit.

Naomi quickly noticed how often she was touching her hair and was able to stop with Pavlok

Every time Naomi would try to touch her hair, she would zap herself with her Pavlok.  “It was shocking how strong it was.” says Naomi.  Her hair pulling cut down immediately and she did not have the urge to touch her hair at all.  She could now stop wearing hats as they were no longer needed to stop her from pulling her hair.

Naomi received validation a few months later when she ran into a couple friends she hadn’t seen in awhile.  They commented on how much better her hair looked.  Because she had stopped pulling it, it was now fuller and thicker.

See Naomi’s full story:


With Pavlok, Naomi feels liberated.  She is liberated from constantly wearing a hat to control her hair pulling urges, and she feels in control consistently.  Every day life is now better because she has trained her brain resist the urge to pull her hair.

Do you have a habit you’d like to take control over?  In as little as a few days, you too could see results reducing your undesirable habits with a Pavlok.  If it doesn’t work?  We offer a 6 month money back guarantee - but don’t worry, we believe Pavlok is the key to breaking your bad habits.


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