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Quit Smoking 

for good.

Pavlok uses electrical stimulation to change smokers' behavior by delivering a mild shock when they reach for a cigarette, gradually reducing their urge to smoke over time.

+10 years of helping people quit bad habits

70% of Smokers quit in 4 weeks with Pavlok

85% of them quit smoking within three months

Quit Smoking Now

Introducing the new Pavlok App with over 20 exciting features

*Coming July 17th

Featuring the redesigned Home page and Habit tracking

The new layout of our app brings everything at your fingertips: Habits, alarms, and sleep stats, creating an easy-to-use platform

Navigate Your Transformation Journey with Ease

Our redesigned home screen presents a sleek, intuitive layout for seamless navigation. Enhance your self-improvement experience with effortless access and insightful displays that align with your habit transformation goals.

Gain Insights and Understand Your Progress Better

Get a clear, visual representation of your habits with our new tracking system. Analyze your progress, identify trends. The more you know, the better you can align your habits with your goals.

Connect with friends and find your accountability partner

Connect with Friends

Strengthen your commitment with accountability: connect, engage and grow alongside friends on your self-improvement journey.

Pavlok Unlocked

A new level of user control and permissions has been introduced to Pavlok Unlocked, ensuring a more secure and personalized Pavlok experience.

Revamped Challenges 

The challenges section has been reimagined to be more engaging and motivating by linking it directly to your personal habits. 

20+ other features based on your feedback

We've incorporated your suggestions and feedback to make significant improvements across the entire Pavlok app experience.

Device Battery Usage

Optimized battery usage on the Pavlok device, ensuring longer-lasting performance. And provided access to the battery usage details.

Improved Add Alarm Flow

We have simplified and streamlined the process of setting up alarms, making it quicker and more intuitive.

Achievement Badges

We designed an array of new badges to gamify your self-improvement journey, recognizing your progress and achievements.

Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

We've worked on enhancing the Bluetooth connectivity between the Pavlok device and your phone, ensuring a seamless connection.

New Notification Centre

We've introduced a centralized notification centre for better visibility and management of your notifications.

New Dark and Light Themes

We have incorporated dark theme to the app. Give your eyes a break and save battery life with our newly introduced dark theme mode.

Start/Stop sleep tracking from Device button

For additional convenience, we have enabled starting and stopping sleep tracking directly from the device button.

Improved Display for Sleep session stats

The display for sleep session statistics has been improved, providing a clearer view and understanding of your sleep patterns.

New Bedtime selector

A new bedtime selector feature has been added, helping you better manage and schedule your sleep times.

Disable Android Background Service

To optimize phone battery life, we've made it possible for users to disable the Android Background Service.

Better errors reporting

We have improved error reporting mechanisms, ensuring quicker detection, reporting, and resolution of any issues.

Server stability

We have fortified the server infrastructure to deliver an unyielding, seamless user experience. 

Get your update right now!

Are you ready to make the leap? Update the app for iOS or Android today.

*Coming July 17th

People love their Pavlok devices

This app update takes that experience to the next level. New features and improvements are designed to amplify the benefits and enjoyment our users have come to expect. Get ready for an even better Pavlok journey

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