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Habit: I Don't Have A Habit

With Pavlok, you can create new good habits, and beat habits you never knew you had!

Though many people may not have major habits such as nail biting or smoking that they feel the need to break, some have unconscious behavioral habits that can be broken in order to lead a happier, healthier life!  There are also good habits that the Pavlok can help you develop.

Lifehack lists 10 Toxic Habits that most of us are unaware we have.  How many do you have?  Using Pavlok, you can break these toxic habits.  Pick the one you do the most and start there.  Every time you find yourself performing one of these toxic habits, use the remote in your app or simply double tap your wristband.

1. Letting the past dictate your present and your future

2. Expecting the worst to happen

3. Talking about mutual friends when they aren’t around

4. Not following through on what you say

5. Self sabotage

6. Comparing yourself to others

7. Obsessed with wanting to change somebody else

8. I will be happier when or if……

9. Negative thought patterns you need to drop now

10. Being a hypocrite

In addition to helping break bad habits, Pavlok can help create good habits!  One of the best ways is to integrate your Pavlok with IFTTT (If This, Then That).  Integrate your Fitbit or Jawbone UP to teach yourself to meet your fitness goals.  Connect to a date and time app to make sure you drink enough water, get up and walk every hour, go to bed by a certain time...the possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for?  Ready to break a habit you didn't realize you had?  Or create a good habit?  Click below to get your Pavlok today!  And if for some reason it does not work out for you?  We offer a 6 month money back guarantee.