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Habit: Quit Smoking


With Pavlok, you can finally quit smoking once and for all!

The effects of smoking are well known to the mass majority of adults.  But for those that have started smoking, learning to quit is hard regardless of knowing the consequences.

According to the CDC, 7 out of every 10 (68.8%) reported in 2010 that they wanted to quit completely.  But because nicotine is highly addictive and a main ingredient in cigarettes, it makes it very hard to quit smoking quickly.

Ask any smoker that has attempted to quit and they have likely tried more than once, and experienced one or more withdrawal symptoms that have caused them to start smoking again.  And once they have stopped for good, they likely still have cravings to smoke.

With Pavlok, you can finally quit smoking once and for all!

Typical ways of quitting smoking include chewing gum or wearing nicotine patches to ween you off of the nicotine addiction.  But the craving is still present.  But Pavlok uses behavioral science to quickly reduce cravings and train away the desire to perform the bad habit. Because you learn to dislike doing the habit, your cravings naturally subside and you simply stop wanting to do your habit.

So how do you apply this to smoking?  Smoke a cigarette and zap yourself every time you take a drag, through the whole cigarette.  Perform this routine for several days, while also zapping yourself every time you get a craving.  Your brain will quickly associate the craving with the negative feeling of the zap, and the craving will become undesirable.  You'll see the urge to smoke drop dramatically until you no longer have cravings.

Seem too good to be true?

Check out how Bud Quit Smoking.

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