Increase Productivity Course - Day 4 - Toggl

Increase Productivity Course - Day 4 - Toggl

Where RescueTime works at a high level in the background showing you which applications you spend the most time on, Toggl takes it a step further.

Do you have a hard time tracking just how much work you or your team does?  Do you work with multiple companies that you need to bill for time?  

Toggl is a great tool to manage everything you need to know, like exactly how much time you are spending on each project or each company you work with.  Similar to a project management tool, but in a way that anyone can learn the software easily and quickly.  It also helps that they have a pretty adorable website (click on the link to check it out).

The software is simple to use, and free to try for teams up to 5.  In just a few steps, you can be up and running.  The concept is to time yourself on each task or project.

In the "Timer" section, activities and projects can be both added and timed.  Simply type in what you are working on:

You can choose to add it to a project you have already started, or choose a new project.

 The client can also be added to the project at this point.


Once the project has been added, you're all set to use the timer to record the time spent on the task for the project.

When the timer is stopped, the task has been added to your list.

The list can be edited or updated if necessary. 

At the end of a time period, reports can be run to show where all your time has been spent.  This can help not only with productivity, but also with client billing and time allotment.

Want to incorporate Toggl with your Pavlok?  Use your Pavlok to remind you to use Toggl during work time.  Under "Alarm" in your Pavlok app, click on "Habit Reminder" to receive a stimulus at the beginning of your work day to remind you to start using Toggl.

Don't have a Pavlok? Give it a shot. Use code PAV15 at checkout to save 15%. 

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