[Feature Release] Double Tap -- No Smartphone Needed


Pavlok has helped thousands of people break bad habits through it's 'Self-zap' technology.
This month, we'll be releasing several new features – 1 each week. Keep your eyes peeled every month for what's coming.
Today – we release two features that make Pavlok hyper-functional – no smartphone needed.

Pavlok Double Tap and Pavlok Multi Zap are two new and amazing features that make Pavlok easier to adjust and more powerful for breaking bad habits. Here is Pavlok founder Maneesh Sethi explaining it in a quick 90 second video:

For those who can’t watch the video, here’s a quick summary of the new features:

Pavlok Double Tap

Allows you to change the strength of the zap by tapping twice on the top of Pavlok. Each double tap increases strength by 25%, ranging from 0-100% strength. This allows you to change the strength of the zap without having to open the app or even connect Pavlok to a smartphone. Want to set it to 25% while trying to focus on mindfulness and then quickly change it to 100% when you have a craving for junk food? Now you can do that with a simple tap!


But what's even better? The vibrate mode (two yellow flashes) is Pavlok's budding positive reinforcement system. In the current firmware, you can use it while doing positive actions in your daily routine to reward yourself and train the habit. In the next firmware release, you'll be able to track your positive actions throughout the day.

Pavlok Multi Zap

Do you ever wish Pavlok could be a little stronger….or wish that could create an aversion to your habit even more quickly without having to turn the strength of Pavlok way up? Testing within a small group of Pavlok users showed multiple zaps administered in quick succession to be much more uncomfortable than a single zap, at all strength levels? What does this mean for you? Well, if you have a pesky habit that is especially tough for you to quit, to the point where you are “powering through” a single zap from Pavlok and continuing to do your bad habit, multi zap should be able to stop your habit dead in its tracks.

How to get these features in your Pavlok

Got a Pavlok? Make sure you have the Pavlok Breaking Bad Habits app from the iOS or Play Store.

1) Connect to your device

2) Go into settings. If your firmware is below 2.4.65, a button will say 'update firmware.' Press that button.

3) Follow the instructions to unpair and repair the device.

That's it! You can adjust the strength by tapping on the face of the device. You can adjust multizap within the App->Remote.

How to get these features if you don’t own a Pavlok yet

If you want to take advantage of these amazing new features but don’t yet own a Pavlok, now is the very best time to purchase – the full-feature Pavlok is selling for an all-time low price of $169 for a limited time. Not ready to purchase a full Pavlok, or only interested in the alarm clock feature? Get the Pavlok Shocking Alarm Clock for only $99. You can still connect to your phone and set an alarm, but there is no manual habit (button press) mode, and the Shocking Alarm Clock does not connect to other apps or integrations.
Purchase a full Pavlok for only $169

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